Together with MD, Purify The Heart and Discover The Joy in Sharing

2014-10-14 23:59:24

The Ramadhan Month is known for the fasting and sharing of joy with everyone. This is what MD entertainment emphasised heavily on during the " Along with MD, Purify the heart and share" event held on Sunday, 14th July 2013. This annual event was held together with the opening of the fast with MD artists as well as 1000 orphans.

The difference this time was that the event was held at MD Place- MD's newly opened office in Kuningan Jakarta.

The children from various orphanages arrived at 3 pm. The media also attended this event. There were over 100 journalists at this thanksgiving event hunting for latest news in the lives of these celebrities.

It started with a free eye check up by Optik Seis for all the children present. After that, the entertainment started with Luna Maya and Bemby Putuanda as the hosts. The first act was performed by Winx followed by Terry singing the song "Butiran Debu"

There were happy faces all around. The joy continued with the appearance of Angel's Voice, Manoj Punjabi's 2 daughters who sang the top song from the soundtrack of MD's "Habibie & Ainun"

The atmosphere suddenly got all the more heightened when Julia Peres and Gaston arrived at the event. There was a lot of humour when Jupe became the topic of discussion for her late arrival between Bemby and Luna . Things got all the more cheerful when Indra Bekti and Gracia Indri became sudden MC's on MD's request.

The Event was followed with the performances by Super 7 and Dudi Yovie & Nuno when they performed for all the guests present. The soundtrack of one of MD's production, Gajah Mada,shown on MNC TV was also one of the songs performed by Regina Idol. A lot of excitement followed during the performance by Cherry Belle who sang 2 of the songs from the soundtrack. 

As time approached to break the fast, Ustad Zaki Mirza performed the prayers. Dates were then given to everyone. After the prayers. souvenirs were handed out to the children from the orphanage. During this time, all the artists come together for this joyous fast-breaking event. See you at MD's next fast-breaking event next year.



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