Keriaan 100 Episode Gajah Mada

2013-12-04 08:21:01


Gajah Mada, a production  of MD Entertainment regarding a child's struggle against evil and fighting for justice  for the sake of uniting the country, has made it to the 100th episode.  The event was celebrated by the entire crew and cast at the "Celebration of 100 Episodes Gajah Mada" held at the shooting location of Gajah Mada in Cibubur - East Jakarta. The event was enlivened by the entire cast, with  Nyai Klowi acting as the host (MC).  It started with a thanksgiving prayer on Tuesday 27th August 2013 along with 100 orphans. After the prayers, the rice cone was cut, 100 candles were blown off by the cast, followed by dinner for all the guests present there. Dozens of reporters also took part in this event‎ hunting for the latest news from the actors. Rafael, who plays the part of Mada, brought the soundtrack of Gajah Mada. At the end of the event, the actors distributed food, souvenirs and envelopes containing money to all the orphans there.

The happiness was visible on the faces of all the cast such as. Berry Prima, Ratu Felisha, Anne Cotto, Ryana Dea Maharani, Chicco Jericko, George Rudy, Ryana Dea,Adi Pawitra, Keshia Ratulia, Rafael,Rikas, Bayu Virguna etc. They were all pleased to take part in this 100th episode celebration. Congratulations to the crew and cast of Gajah Mada‎. 

According to expectations and prayers  at this event, hopefully Gajah Mada remains in the hearts of the people of Indonesia and can go on to reach 1000 episodes.  Amen. 


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