'LAILA' Diserbu Wartawan

2013-12-04 08:21:01

Dewi Persik sings a pop song. Dewi Persik swears not to get married. Dewi Persik dances till she’s drenched. All this only on ‘Laila” MD’s newest serial on Indosiar every day from Monday to Friday at 6 pm.

At the press conference on the 1st of October 2009 at At-tin Mosque- Taman Mini, Laila aka Dewi was hounded by the reporters. All this was related to the news of her divorce with Aldi Taher.  But Dewi wouldn’t be her name if she wasn’t able to handle the situation. She looked beautiful, composed and confident. She answered all the questions of the reporters with straightforwardness and diplomacy.

The enormity of it all, in spite of all the questions she had to face of the reporters,  she still had to report for her shooting that same day. But this beauty from East Jawa finished off the interview and answered all the questions. She then went into her make up room , got ready and left for the shooting of Laila. Obviously once the shooting started she didn’t want to be disturbed because as a professional she feels she has to work seriously.

All right then Ms Dewi……Happy working!


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