A Surprise For Manoj Punjabi On His Birthday

2013-12-04 08:21:01

No one can ever play a prank on me, especially a surprise" joked Manoj Punjabi once upon a time.

This could be true especially since he is known for playing tricks on people. Not only his office staff but even his wife has been played tricks on!! So pay back day was planned on the 7th of December 2009 as at MD it is a tradition to surprise or play a trick on the one having a birthday. Few of the staff members, who had already got the green signal from Shania, Manoj's wife, started to plan it out. From the ordering of the cake, inviting a few close relatives to the intention of spraying him with confetti! Plans are just plans but to act out the plan on this boss wasn't going to be easy.

First, on the night of the 6th of December, intentionally or unintentionally, Manoj found his birthday cake which had been hidden in the office. Secondly, news spread that on the 7th he had to go straight from the office to a reception. The plan of the confetti had to be dropped because there was no way he could go to a reception covered in confetti. Hmm...sure was a lot of things to reconsider! In the end the committee decided to invite the press to come and celebrate this occasion. They were very enthusiastic and keen to participate.

On D-Day, when Manoj was in a meeting, a huge procession entered his room right up to his desk. The procession was led by his children Nayla (5), and Rehaan (2) carrying this present which was even bigger than them!! They were followed by MD's artists, Budi Sutjiawan the director of SCTV, MD staff and other close colleagues. The members of the press came in last carrying their cameras all pointing in his direction. Whilst blowing the candles, Manoj had to use all his energy as they were the magic candles that refuse to go off! When he cut this cake, he had to feed a lot of people including his daughter Sairaa (8) who had followed later. After feeding his children and his wife, he fed the artists, staff and his other colleagues.. Hmm..as it turns out, he did manage to get "tricked" upon!!

While giving a speech, he admitted "I am surprised! I never expected so many people to come and that too right up to my desk! Thank you everyone". Finally...even Manoj Punjabi got a birthday surprise. Happy Birthday Boss!


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