TC Lovers

2013-12-04 08:21:01

Fans will go anywhere and everywhere to meet their idols! They have many ways to meet their favourite idol. And that is exactly what the fans of the serial Terlanjur Cinta or as they call themselves “TC Lovers” did. They admit to never missing out on a single episode of Terlanjur Cinta every night, “especially because of Andrew who is super cute!”, said a fan.

One thing that can be followed from the TC lovers is that they are not only loyal but they also respect their idols. So it is not wrong then for the stars of Terlanjur Cinta to get close and feel comfortable amongst their fans. “To get pinched a bit is fair enough...after all they are our fans,” said Andrew while wincing in pain. Such is the happiness and closeness that can be noticed amongst the fans and the stars of Terlanjur Cinta.


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