Vira Yuniar: Di Mana Melani?

2013-12-04 08:21:01

On the 3rd of August, a woman suddenly appears at the MD office in a state of panic. Her presence brings total chaos to the office. How could it not, since this woman is Vira Yuniar. This pretty actress has brought bad news. Full of sorrow, she says that she has been hit by a disaster. Her child is missing.

Her name is Melani, my first child. She disappeared the night she partied at a club. I have gone everywhere looking for her but haven't found her yet. If anyone knows where she is, please contact MD entertainment" she said whilst keeping the mike back on the table. The reporters hurriedly asked her questions. As it turns out, none of this was real. What she said was only due to the launching of her new soap opera, "Di mana Melani?

Besides Vira, the star cast consisting  of Gunawan, Estelle Linden, Kiki Farel, Donny Michael, Ferry Salim and Lyra Virna were all there at this event. They expressed their excitement in being able to take part in an MD production with a totally different story line. There is a lot of mystery behind Melani's disappearance.


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