40 episode


ALFA (Cole Gribble) is a 10 year old orphan boy living with this Uncle Rojali (Idan Separo) and Aunt Susan (Nana Khairina) along with his cousin Bobby (Marcello). They are all very mean to Alfa.

One day Alfa gets an invitation to study at a school of magic. Obviously his aunt and uncle forbid him from going there. However a big man named Megantara (Derry Drajat) comes to take Alfa to the school.

In his new school, Alfa meets Rey (Keiko Warman) and Vega ( Amanda Putri). He becomes friends with them. He also meets Tommy (Rafael Putra), Mike (Richy Aufa) and Jack (Ridho Kemal).  The three of them hate Alfa and always find ways to get him in trouble. The principal Professor ALdebaran (Rendy Khrisna) is a very wise and kind hearted man. Then there is Professor Agni (Tata Sivek) who is strict but kind. Alfa is cautious of Professor Purwa ( Rama Michael) who seems to dislike Alfa. 

One day while learning to fly using a lollypop, Tommy purposely traps Alfa  into the forbidden room in the school.  Here lies a three headed dragon. With great difficulty Alfa manages to save himself and escape. It turns out that the dragon is guarding the Stone of Immortality. It is a very powerful stone. It's full power can be used on a full moon night. Whoever holds the stone on that night is able to live forever and be unbeatable.

The Prince of Darkness, an evil man, wants the Immortality stone. By using one of the teachers he manages to hypnotise Professor Agni who orders Alfa to fight with the three headed dragon and get the stone. Fortunately Alfa is helped by Rey and Vega who are ready to lay down their lives for him.

When Alfa gets the stone, someone hits him from behind and he loses consciousness. Before fainting, he sees the hand of that person who takes the stone. That man is wearing a crescent moon ring. How surprised is he when he sees Professor Purwa wearing the same ring.

Alfa, Rey and Vega are determined to investigate Professor Purwa to get the missing stone back before a full moon night. Do they succeed in their mission?