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12 episode


Rojali stops when she sees Diego, Jambul and Bobon. Diego gets up from his chair and introduces Bobon to Rojali.Bobon and Jambul are quiet and afraid. With style, Udin comes down from Bilal's car. He smiles when he sees Diego. Diego is surprised to see him.

His name is Ali ( Ibnu Jamil). This young man lives in the Ar-Rohman mosque. He is the caretaker as well as gardener of Haji Sukur ( Zainal Abidin Domba). That is why he is called Ali James Bon/ Ali the mosque caretaker and gardener.

At first Ali is the son of a rich man. Sarbini(Akri Patrio) his father is a successful business man. However due to his desire of wanting to become a legislative member, he applies for the position without any prior knowledge in politics. He doesn't get any support at all from anyone. His own family doesn't support him. However he doesn't lose hope because there are certain parties who have told him to go forward and are sure that he will get chosen. Sarbini doesn't get chosen. The money that has been squandered during the campaign has all gone to waste. He has to live in a rented house belonging to Syukur his sworn enemy. Maya (MERIAM BELLINA), Sarbini's wife, is materialistic. She is furious and often gets angry causing Sarbini to have headaches. He is fed up. Even though they are poor now Maya continues to dress up glamorously and behaves like she is rich.

Ali is forced to give up his education. He meets Ustadz Restu who advises him to remain strong and have faith. Ustadz offers Ali to work as the mosque caretaker as well as gardener. He gets to learn about religion and it calms him down. He is then given the name James Bon meaning mosque caretaker and gardener.

Ali feels at peace living in the mosque. He then meets a beautiful and kind hearted woman names Jamila (Shireen Sungkar). She happens to be the daughter of Haji Syukur the owner of the mosque. Ali and Jamila's relationship begins to grow. It starts from sympathy to friendship and grows to become  serious. However Jamilah has been paired with Helmi (Harlan Chaniago) who is a graduate from Cairo. Jamilah doesn't like him at all. She doubts that he has graduated from there and his attitude is very similar to that of her father. The journey of love between Jamilah and Ali is like walking on a bed of thorns. They are challenged by Helmi and Syukur. More so after Syukur comes to know that Ali is his enemy Sarbini's son.

Ali is brave and tough. He faces all the challenges. Does he succeed in his love for Jamilah? Watch all this on "Ali James Bon" on MNC TV.






Zaenal Abidin Domba, Shireen Sungkar,