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Alisha’s story starts off with her parents Ardi Sastranegara and Rani Widuri getting married without the blessings of Ibu Dewi Sastranegara, Alisha’s grandmother. One day, while Ardi, Rani and Alisha are on an outing, their car meetswith an accident. Ardi and Alisha survive the crash but because of the passing away of Rani, Ibu Dewi gives away Alisha to Mirna. Mirna owes money to Ibu Dewi and due to her not being able to repay her debts, Ibu Dewi gives Alisha away to Mirna to look after. Mirna’s son, Niko, and Alisha become good friends but their friendship ends when Mirna leaves Alisha on a bus. Alisha is then found and taken care by Firman.

Alisha grows up to be a beautiful tough girl and along with Andre, her best friend, they manage Firman’s workshop. Niko on the other hand has become an arrogant hotel owner. Fate plays a role in Alisha life and one day she finds Niko who has met with an accident on the verge of dying. Niko has lost his memory and Alisha starts taking care of Niko. He eventually becomes part of Alisha’s family. On the other hand, Mirna and Niko’s fiancé, Caca, are searching for Niko. When they find him, how will they all face the truth that apparently Caca and Alisha are sisters. Who will Niko eventually choose?






Randy Pangalila,