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Amira (17 years old) is an underprivileged teenage girl who lives with her father. Amira is known for her resilience. One day when her father fell sick and was sent to the hospital, the only way to save her father is to get a certain medicine. But it’s expensive and she doesn’t have enough money to help her father so she seeks help from Sandra who owns a social institution to get her the medicine. Unfortunately, the medicine is not effective and her father is still terribly sick. Amira blames Sandra for the misfortune. When she was still regretting her decision to seek Sandra’s help, the hospital called and informed her that her father was missing. Amira was stunned and remembered what her father once told her, that her mother is still alive.

Meanwhile, Sandra could feel a strange bond between her and Amira. Sandra did not realize then that Amira is actually her biological daughter from her marriage with Amira’s father. Sandra was still hurt over Amira’s accusation saying that she caused her father’s missing.

The misunderstanding between Sandra and Amira makes Amira want to look for her real mother and get back at Sandra. Amira is accompanied by Reza (22 years old) in the searching. Reza was the guy who did not get along with Amira at the beginning but later they become really close and fall in love as time goes by.

But fate calls for a different turn. Reza is Sandra’s stepson because after Sandra’s marriage with Amira’s father failed, she remarried to Johan, Reza’s father. Johan even manipulates Reza to hate Sandra, because he wants Sandra to stop dealing illegal drugs. In the end, Sandra finds out that Amira is her real daughter and that she’s now seeing Reza, her stepson. Sandra tries to stop Reza and Amira from seeing each other. The more she tries to stop them, the more she digs out her own past, along with Amira’s father’s and Johan’s.