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Ande Ande Lumut


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Chandra Kirana is the beautiful daughter of a rich businessman in Bandung. Kirana has never been in love, but that is about to change. She meets Andre, a compassionate artist. At the time Andre happens to have with him a painting of a woman who looks exactly like Kirana. Kirana is astounded and both Andre and Kirana believe they are soul mates.

Andre tells Kirana his name is ‘Ande’ causing Kirana to start calling him Ande Ande Lumut. The two start dating and getting to know each other. One day Kirana overhears her parents’ conversation, arranging her marriage with the son of another prominent businessman. Kirana panics, she doesn’t realize that the man her parents are talking about is Andre. Andre too doesn’t realize that he is being set up with Kirana and refuses the match. In addition to this Andre also refuses to join his family business, which angers his father who throws him out of the house.

With Andre leaving for Jakarta, Kirana is desolate. Meanwhile her wicked aunt, Tante Diana and her daughters, who are eying Kirana’s family’s wealth, visit Kirana. They kill Kirana’s parents and force Kirana to go with them to Jakarta.

Andre by now has become a successful and celebrated painter. Tante Diana tries hard to match Andre with one of her daughters. At the same time unfortunately her daughter finds out about Kirana and Andre and starts to treat Kirana even worse.

Andre though has always loved Kirana and fulfills his vow to return to her.

Now Andre and Kirana fight for their love...






Jonathan Frizzy,