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Atas Nama Cinta


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Lila and Jovan are childhood friends who realize that their friendship has developed into love. However Marina Dipayanti, Lila’s stepmother and Sissy, Lila’s stepsister seek to destroy their relationship. Over time Marina’s fame and the riches she amassed as an artist have dwindled. Resentful and determined to have the comforts she is accustomed to, Marina plots to fix Sissy’s marriage to the rich Jovan.

Their efforts are brought to fruition when Patra, Marina’s stepson from a former marriage, comes to live with them. Patra has fallen in love with Lila because of her kindness towards him. Marina and Sissy manipulate this situation and convince Jovan and everyone else that Lila does not love Jovan but instead loves Patra. Lila feels helpless for no one believes in her love for Jovan. Unable to live in this environment she decides to leave home.

After Lila’s disappearance, Jovan realizes that he loves Lila too much to let her go and decides to find her. Lila however has been in an accident due to which she has lost her memory, remembering nothing of Jovan or her family. Patra who has been with Lila all this while conceals her identity from her not wanting her to get hurt once more. Nevertheless Jovan’s love for her reignites her memory and the couple is reunited once more.

Marina and Sissy unwilling to relinquish Jovan, strike Lila, causing her to lose her eyesight. 

Will Jovan still love Lila now that she is blind?  Will Patra convince Lila that she belongs with him?

Who is Lila destined to be with?

Will it be Jovan or Patra?