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Azizah is a sweet and an innocent girl who lives with her mother, Nurma. Once she had helped a boy named Raffy, saving him from hoodlums and since then she hasn’t stopped thinking about him. Azizah’s mother, Nurma, is suffering from a serious illness and over time she passes away. Yusuf who knows Nurma wants to payback her kindness towards him and he takes Azizah to stay in his house.  Azizah is shocked that she has to live with Yusuf and his wife, Vivi, in their house.

Vivi isn’t happy of having a stranger in their house. Azizah also finds out that the boy whom she can’t stop thinking about, Raffy, is Yusuf and Vivi’s son. Raffy is an arrogant person and Azizah and Raffy often fight due to their differences. Eventually Azizah feels that her presence in the family causes problems for them and she decides to leave without telling anyone. One night Raffy meets with an accident and Azizah is the one who helps him again.


That results to her coming back to Yusuf’s house. Since that incident, Raffy changes and becomes sweet towards Azizah and he eventually pronounces his love towards Azizah. What she doesn’t realize is that this is just a trick that Raffy is using to take revenge on what Azizah did before. Azizah is left heartbroken when she comes to know about the truth. Adnan, her friend has always been beside her through thick and thin, he too secretly loves her. Later Raffy realizes that even he has fallen in love with Azizah and then the story moves on to their triangular love story.






Zora Vidyanata,