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86 episode


Clarissa is walking in the corridor while tying her hair when suddenly Vino throws a spider and it lands on her neck. She is shocked and she screams while throwing off the spider. When Alfian is brushing Putri's hair, a mobile phone rings. He answers it on speaker. It is Alisha. Putri is shocked to hear her voice.

Alfian Kartadirja (Hardy Hartono) and Alisha (Bunga Citra Lestari) have been married for four years but they havent been blessed with a child. According to the doctor, Alisha is barren. This reality causes Marni (Irene Librawati),Alifian's mother, to feel restless as she really misses the presence of a grandchild to carry on the family lineage. They have tried all forms of medication, modern as well as alternative but they fail every time. Marni then forces Alfian to re marry. She even has the second bride ready that is Clarissa ( Angel Karamoy), a pretty and modern girl.

At first, Alisha is not at all pleased with Marni's plan. Who is this woman who will be a co-wife? Alfian himself doesn't approve of this because he truly loves Alisha and he feels she is perfect for him. But Marni keeps on pressuring them. Alisha is forced to give in and so she convinces her husband to go ahead with the plan. She tries to accept Alfian dividing his love between her and his second wife. Clarissa however hurts Alisha whenever Alfian and her inlaws aren't looking. Alisha's suffering upsets Fadel( Fendy Chow), Alfian's brother. He looks up to Alisha like his own sister. He then informs her family who have come from Australia.

Obviously, Alisha's sister Mutia (Dea Lestari) dan her parents , Mr Suryo (Roy Marten) and Mrs Sarah (Tri Budiman) cannot bear to see Alisha suffering like this. They ask her to get a divorce and return to Australia but she refuses as she wants to be with Alfian. Alisha then finds out about Clarissa's motive towards her husband. She has been married before and even has a child from that marriage. Infact, Clarissa is still married to Vino ( Fuadin Ready). However Alisha has a tough time in revealing this  as Clarissa is too clever in acting. And then Clarissa gets pregnant causing her husband and inlwas to change as a result of being provoked by Clarissa.

Seeing Alisha suffer, Fadel and Mutia ( Alisha's sister) who happen to be in love, decide to help her by revealing Clarissa's secret. This isn't easy as Clarissa has other plans for Fadel. She pairs him up with her cousin Cynthia. Obviously he refuses as he wants to marry Mutia. But Marni opposes this as she feels Mutia might be barren just like her sister. Mutia's parents are afraid of the same thing and they feel she may suffer just the same as her sister. Alisha refuses to let her sister marry Fadel.

Do Fadel, Mutia and Alisha succeed in revealing Clarissa's evilness? Does Alfian finally return to Alisha? And then what about Mutia and Fadel? Does their family approve of them getting married? What happens to Vino, Clarissa's husband, who suddenly appears to find some profit from Clarissa's second marriage? Watch this all on " Berbagi Cinta" on MNCTV.






Hardy Hartono, Emma Warokka, Angel Karamoy,