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Cahaya Cinta


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Cahaya (Ryana Dea), Cinta (Sandra Dewi) and Dewa (Christ Laurent) are still small when their father, Haryoga (Gunawan), dies and his entire wealth is taken over by Kamelia (Helsi Herlinda) whom Haryoga believed in. At that time, Siska (Desy Ratnasari), their mother escapes from Kamelia so that she can save her children. Their house completely burns down. There is no proof of the truth and all the children are seperated.

Now, 15 years later, Cahaya, Cinta and Dewa have all grown up into teenagers all living separately. Cahaya, the oldest child, lives with Kamelia and she thinks Kamelia is her real mother. She doesn't know that Kamelia is infact a murderer who took away all of the wealth. Why does Kamelia look after Cahaya? Before Haryoga dies, he had already transferred all of his wealth to Cahaya which she would get upon marriage. Because of this, Kamelia speeds up Cahaya's wedding to a 'husband to be' whom Kamelia is in control of. She pairs up with Rudy (Teuku Ryan), her partner, to get Cahaya married to Dante (Chicco Jerikho), Rudy's son. Cahaya feels happy to be paired up with Dante. But the cool and quiet Dante doesn't love her truly. He is only nice to her because of the partnership between his dad and Kamelia. Kamelia threatens Dante by showing him proof of the evil things Rudy has done in the past which would put him behind bars. Dante, who runs Rudy-Kamelia's joint venture, feels helpless. His relationship with Cahaya is filled with conflicts especially when he begins to have feelings for Cinta, his secretary.

In the beginning Dante is upset with Cinta as she always makes mistakes and is very careless with her work. He has wanted to fire her many times but somehow the situation always saves her from his anger. Slowly, the love hate relationship between the both of them blossoms into love. As a result, Cahaya sees Cinta as a threat. They have a lot of fights between them and Dante is stuck in the middle. Kamelia also becomes Cinta's enemy. But Cinta is not at all afraid of them. They are at war without realizing that they are actually sisters. Moreover, Dewa also works there. The three siblings meet almost every day at the office but none of them are aware that they are actually family. What happens when history begins to unfold? Who holds the key to the secret?

Everything will be revealed one by one when Siska, their mother who continuously searches for her children, finally finds them alive. How does Siska unravel the tangled threads of her past? And what about the love triangle between Cinta, Dante and Cahaya?






Chicco Jerikho, Estelle Linden,