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Cinta Fitri


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Fitri is a countryside girl who is naive, old-fashioned, cheerful, kind hearted and far from being judgemental towards others. She comes from a place called Wonogiri and lives with her aunt, because her parents have long passed away.

As her wedding with Firman is drawing near, Fitri comes to Jakarta to meet Firman’s family. But as soon as she arrives in Jakarta, she is informed about Firman’s death. So instead of attending her own wedding, she attends her fiance’s funeral. But that didn’t deter Fitri. Fitri decided to stay on in Jakarta and told Firman’s family that she’s going back to her village.

Fitri is shy in nature, that’s why she didn’t tell Firman’s family the truth. The other reason why she chooses to stay in Jakarta is to not embarrass and disappoint her aunt. As if Fitri is not unlucky enough, her wallet was stolen when she was at the bus terminal trying to decide where to go next.

Fitri got a job working at Nasi Soto food stall owned by a woman named Maya, who was distanced by her own father, Mr. Hutama, a very successful and wealthy businessman, for marrying the man of her life who is poor and hardworking.

Moza is the daughter of Mr. Hutama’s late best friend’s. Because of this, Mr. Hutama is hoping to see his son, Farrel, to marry Moza someday. Farrel himself is not up for another relationship especially after the departure of his ex girlfriend, Mischa, to study abroad. As far as the relationship between Farrel and Fitri, they get along very well. Moza seems to be jealous and keep disrupting the relationship between the two. Hence, Farrel is forced to choose between Fitri or family business.

Farrel convinced Moza there’s nothing between him and Fitri, but just when everything is cooling down, they get more and more complicated when Mischa returns from her overseas study. This confuses Farrel. He is torn between two women. But love has a different plan. Farrel chooses to be with Fitri instead. They become one of the most enviable couples for those around.






Randy Pangalila, Teuku Wisnu, Bemby Putuanda, Lian Firman,