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Cinta Fitri Season 6


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After Mischa accidentally gets stabbed, Fitri takes her to the hospital in an ambulance. Farrel runs after Handoko but he manages to escape. Mischa is in a critical condition and Fitri waits for her at the hospital.

When Oma and Lia return home, they are unaware that Handoko is already there and has taken Raffi hostage. He is determined to finish them all. Lia, Oma and Bulik confront him. Fortunately, Lia is able to inform Farrel of this situation. Farrel along with the police have Handoko surrounded. He runs but Farrel chases him. Finally, Handoko admits to all that he has done just before falling down and he dies.

Meanwhile, Mischa's condition improves. After gaining consciousness, instead of being thankful, she starts a new confrontation between Fitri and the Hutama family by trying to take Farrel away from the house and the family. They are all upset and Lia falls ill due to stress. In the middle of this intense situation because Mischa succeeds in over powering Farrel, Lia's condition gets worse and she  passes away.

What will happen this time? With the pregnancy and with losing Lia, everything is disintegrating. Maya promises to marry Hartawan after getting a divorce but she starts to have feelings all over again for Bram. Kayla is very ill and begins to feel useless and Aldo is unable to help Farrel and Fitri because his daughter Aliza is critical and he can only help her if he divorces Mozza and marries Angel. Follow this all on Cinta Fitri Season 6!






Donita, Sandy Syarief,