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Cinta Fitri Season 7

Sunday - Friday, 9 pm

109 episode


Ramon suddenly enters Moza's room and unties her. She is scared because Ramon wants to take her away. Ramon laughs like a mad man.

Fitri is shocked when Sita puts a knife on her neck. She asks Fitri to take her out of the hospital safely so that she doesn't go to jail. Farrel panics and pleads with Sita to let Fitri go.

Oma is now no more. The Hutama family is in mourning. Mischa returns with a vengeance. Accidentally, she has burnt half of her face and she needs to take out her anger on Fitri and Farrel. She then comes up with a plan to kidnap Raffa.

The Hutama family are back together as one after Farrel recovers from his minor paralysis. They are all worried because Mischa almost succeeds in entering their house. Fitri doesn't want to take any risks. She finally agrees to Lia Hutama's suggestion of hiding Raffa somewhere out of the house.

The plan to hide Raffa is in motion. It turns out that Mischa continuously spies on the family and she comes to know of their plan. The Hutama's contact the police for protection and to catch Mischa but she is just too sly. She is able to avoid the police and secretly follows Fitri.

And when Fitri gets a bit careless, Mischa finally succeeds in grabbing Rafka from Fitri's arms and takes him away.

Meanwhile, Kayla forces Hadi to marry Rita immediately because her condition is worsening day by day. Abel finally comes to know of Kayla's condition and approves of Hadi getting married to Rita. A miracle then happens. After the wedding, Kayla's condition improves.

As time goes by, Aldo's business corporation improves. The success of his company goes beyond other company's. Automatically, Aldo's family wallow in wealth. This changes Mozza. She feels all the more prestigious especially in educating Aliza. She pampers Aliza.

What will happen now? Will Farrel get Raffa back from Mischa? How will Kayla face Rita as Hadi's other wife whilst her condition improves with time. How does Iman's family react to Mozza's change in attitude?  Watch this all on Cinta Fitri Season 7 only on Indosiar.






Donita, Dinda Kanyadewi, Sandy Syarief, Shireen Sungkar,