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Cinta Fitri Season Ramadhan


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Through the hardest and longest struggle, Farrel and Fitri’s son was delivered safely. Farrel asks Mrs. Lia to name their son because Mrs. Lia is his most beloved and respected mother. Mrs. Lia was overwhelmed with the given honour, she named Farrel and Fitri’s son, Raffa Emeraldi Hutama.

Mrs. Lia reminds Farrel of Mr. Hutama’s last wishes before he died, to protect his family and the company, Retro, from anything and anyone. Farrel and Fitri are in no position to refuse this. Mischa and Faiz were surprised to see the return of Farrel, Fitri, and Oma. Moreover, Mrs. Lia asks Farrel to return to work at Retro.

In the mean time, Bram managed to get hold of the CCTV master video and witnessed how Mr. Hutama died. Bram has always been looked down by Mischa and Faiz. So when he found it was them who killed Mr. Hutama, Bram selfishly uses the opportunity to threaten both to get what he wants instead of handing them to the authority.

Tristan kidnapped Moza from Aldo when they were on their holiday in the villa. Aldo looked for Moza everywhere but he still could not find her for a while. By the time Aldo found Moza, she’s already Tristan’s wife.

So how will Farrel and Fitri know and finally get Mischa and Faiz to confess that they killed Mr. Hutama? Will Mischa and Faiz ever leave Fitri, Farrel, and Raffa alone and let them live happily? What exactly happened to Aldo and Moza? How’s the relationship going between Maya and Bram?






Randy Pangalila, Donita,