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Cinta Melody


36 episode


Melody is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She works as a supervisor at an instant noodle company. Melody lives with her grandmother (Fatima), her mother (Nissa), her aunt (Hanny) and her two cousins (Agung and Jelita). Hanny and Nissa are Fatima's daughter in laws who live together after their husbands, Fajri and Fajar, passed away during an accident. At the accident, only Fajri's body was found. Nissa insists that her husband, Fajar, is still alive. She is against Fatima wanting to hold a funeral for him as there is no body. Meanwhile, Hanny hates Nissa because she feels her husband died due to Fajar's negligence whilst driving the car. Hanny considers Nissa to be the widow of a murderer.

One day, Melody accidentally bumps into Elang. They get into a fight. He happens to be the son of the owner of the company where Melody works. Elang has been educated by his parents, Anggika and Bharata, to be able to run the company but he has to start from the lower level and work his way to the top. Bharata places Elang as Melody's assistant. The two of them are surprised when they find out that they have to work together. Arguments and debates become part of their everyday life at work.

When Melody accidentally meets Bharata, she is stunned because of the resemblance to Fajar, her father, but she quickly dismisses this thought. Bharata is actually Fajar. He suffered from amnesia after  being helped by Anggika from the accident many years ago. This secret which has been kept hidden, suddenly gets disturbed when Bharata asks about his past. Anggika is worried especially when she is investigated after Bharata meets Melody. Anggika tries to find out more about Melody and her family. She is shocked to find out that Melody is her husband's daughter and then she tries to put a distance between them. Even when Elang and Melody get close, Anggika fixes him up with Ajeng. Ajeng does really love Elang and hates Melody. She is happy with Anggika's decision. Elang is not.

Anggika threatens Elang to stay away from Melody or else melody will suffer. Elang is worried and slowly distances himself from her. Elang doesn't get close to Ajeng either. He accidentally meets Jelita, Melody's cousin. Jelita falls in love with Elang and looks for opportunities to be with him.

So what happens next? Will Melody and Elang live happily in love? Will Melody find out that Bharata is her father? Watch this all on Cinta Melody in Indosiar!






Randy Pangalila, Ryana Dea,