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Dia (Nadia) is a sweet girl at college. Hera and Fifi, Dia's best friends in college, have very different characters. Hera is a tomboy with a simple mind, and Fifi is a woman who likes to dress up and sees everything from a materialistic perspective. Dia meets Isma unintentionally at the mall. It turns out that Isma is at the same college as her, but in a different faculty. Isma is the only son of Mr. Ibrahim Irsjad, who is a very rich and successful man.

When Dia has already given up everything to Isma, Ivan appears. He was Dia's childhood friend. Dia's mother, Mrs. Mira, is an employee of Mr. Arif and Mrs. Sandra's company; Ivan's parents. Ivan instantly falls in love with Dia. Dia and Ivan share a passion for literature.

Humans plan, but God decides. When Isma arranges his wedding with Dia after the end of their semester, an accident takes Isma's life. He leaves Dia who has lost her innocence and is pregnant. Seeing her daughter's destiny, Mrs. Mira makes a plan to marry off Dia with Ivan. Ivan loves Dia just the way she is, so he never complains about her past. As a man who lived in a western culture, virginity is not an issue. But Ivan doesn't know that Dia is pregnant with Isma's child.  Time passes by and Ivan and Dia's family is picture perfect with their two children, Eka and Dwi. Eka is Ivan's beloved son and also Mr. Arif and Mrs. Sandra's beloved grandchild. The secret is kept well. They only know that Eka was born premature. Nobody is aware of what had happened in the past.

Until one day, they meet again with Mr. Ibrahim; Isma's father. He is shocked when he sees Eka. Eka's face and personality is just like Isma's. Mr. Ibrahim is suspicious. Mr. Ibrahim forces, and uses the law to threaten Dia to get the truth. Finally Dia confesses everything and begs Mr. Ibrahim not to take away her and Eka's happiness. The close relationship among Mr. Ibrahim, Dia and Eka makes Ivan suspicious and Ivan eventually finds out the truth about Eka.






Kesha Ratuliu,