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Monday - Sunday, 7.00 PM

107 episode


Fathiyah is caught by Nindy with the help of Jagur and Jalu. Nindy takes Fathiyah to the mental asylum because she is upset at her for causing a rift between her and Karin. Fathiyah and Karin escape from the asylum. They go to Karin's house first. When Karin walks in she comes face to face with Najwa. And then she sees a photo of her, Najwa, Salwa and their mother when they were younger. Karin tries to convince Najwa that she is Layla, her sister. But Najwa doesn't believe this and leaves. Karin and Fathiyah run after her. They accidentally get lost in the jungle.

Salwa, raised by a monkey in a forest, accidentally meets Tantra, the youngest child of Aida-Ramdan when on a camping trip there. Salwa looks after Tantra when he gets hurt due to a hunting accident. Tantra then calls Salwa Fathiyah which means savior. When Tantra returns to Jakarta, Fathiyah accidentally sits on top of his car.

Upon reaching Jakarta, Fathiyah, still on top of the car, gets stuck in a tree and falls on the car hood of Cakra's car, Tantra's brother. She passes out. Cakra rushes her to the hospital. When she gains consciousness,she is scared to see the machines there as she has never seen anything like it before. She tries to escape and creates total chaos at the hospital. Cakra and Najwa ( the director of the hospital) are disturbed by all that she does. Because of this, Cakra hates her and thinks she is crazy. She too hates Cakra as she feels he is trying to cause her harm. Ever since this incident Cakra and Fathiyah fight like cats and dogs. Najwa has always liked Cakra but she defends Fathiyah.

Nindy and Karin are heavily indebted and they try to find a way out of their debts. Nindy asks Karin to make Cakra fall in love with her so that they can get all of his wealth to pay off their debts. When Aida is celebrating her birthday, she announces that she wants Cakra and Najwa to get engaged. Cakra refuses as he doesn't love Najwa. Najwa is sad but Karin is happy because she still has a chance to get Cakra.

Fathiyah continues to have arguments with Cakra. Najwa still loves Cakra. Karin continues to try and trap Cakra.

Who amongst these three finally gets his love?

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Aryani Fitriana, Hardy Hartono, Estelle Linden,