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Monday to Friday 10.00 PM

47 episode


Linka tries to get close to Yafa. Her plan to win his heart works. He begins to get influenced by her. He calls her "Mama Linka". Yasmin is shocked and very sad.  Jessica punishes Rindu by putting her in the bathroom. She runs aways. Jessica feels sorry. Rindu is kidnapped by some goons. Yasmin has a feeling that Rindu is missing and she intends to go look for her.

Yasmin ( Shireen Sungkar) and Fadlan (Lian Firman) have been married for a few years. Fadlan is a good and faithful husband. Yasmin loves him.  She comes from a rich family.  But all her money got over because Fadlan was unable to run a business. Now, Yasmin lives with Fadlan, her grandmother and sister Dewi who is in college. To make ends meet, Yasmin works as a tailor.

Yasmin then meets Raffa ( Evan Sanders), a rich guy who doesn't believe in romance. When he meets Yasmin, something totally unexpected happens. He falls in love with her at first sight and he has no idea that she is a married woman.  He loves her so much that when her grandmother gets admitted into the hospital, he settles the bill. But she doesn't even know him.  Actually Raffa is supposed to get paired up with a pretty girl, Jessica (Gracia Indri) but he refuses. Jessica too doesn't want to because she is in love with someone else.  Because of always refusing this, Raffa's parents urge him to introduce a woman of his choice to them. He then thinks of Yasmin and how he loved her at first sight. He wants to look for her, get to know her and get close to her.

It turns out that Jessica is a close friend of Yasmin. Yasmin is curious as to who Jessica loves. Jessica tells her that one day she will introduce them.  One day, Yasmin receives shocking news. Jessica tells her that Fadlan is having an affair. Yasmin refuses to believe this but Dewi ( Gita Virga) forces her to find out the truth.  Yasmin and Dewi finally come to know of the truth. How shocked is Yasmin when she comes to know for sure that Fadlan is having an affair. But what is more shocking for her is when she sees the woman he is with.  Fadlan's mistress is none other than Jessica, her best friend.






Lian Firman, Maya Kusuma, Gita Virga,