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Jagoan Silat

Monday to Sunday 8.00 PM

115 episode


TOYIB (Tommy Kaganangan), a 12 years old boy is mischievous, funny, fat and wishes to learn martial arts. He reads comic books on martial arts till he falls asleep. His room is full of posters of experts in this field. He tries to learn on his own.

Emak Dinar ( Ria Irawan) 35 years old, is Toyib's mother. She sells vegetables and is over protective about her son as he is her only child. She is not happy about his obsession with martial arts. She has her own reason for not letting him learn this art. His father was an expert at martial arts and he died in vain. Ever since that day, she doesn't want Toyib falling in his father's footsteps.

Toyib's mother is often terrorized by this bad person called Gandrung ( George Rudy) 40 years old who is clever at martial arts. He is obsessed with getting this book on martial arts. To protect her, Toyib registers himself at the Martial Art school. But he fails the test and is sad. Then he offers to take over Mak Unung 's (Yatty Surachman) cooking job at the school. He quietly learns martial arts that way. But to his mother, he tells her that he has moved to Jakarta.

At the school, Toyib accidentally finds the book which is kept by the owner Mahaguru Abas (S. Abdullah Ali). He is 65 years old, bald, blind, wise and an expert at martial arts. He wants to borrow this book and learn from it. But before he can do so, Gandrung's people come there and steal the book.

What happens then? Do Gandrung and his men succeed in stealing the book? Does Toyib learn martial arts to protect his mother?






Nana Mirdad, Daniel Shivaei, Thoriq Muhammad,