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Katakan Kau Mencintaiku


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Don’t think a heart like Pasya’s who is quiet and a loner can’t habour a feeling. Actually Pasya has fallen in love with a blind girl named Dinda. Just when their love is about to blossom, Dinda’s mother takes Dinda away to escape from her abusive husband. Dinda sends Pasya a letter and patiently awaits for a reply.

Pasya finally writes back. Since she can’t read, she passes the letter to Nabila and asks her to read the letter. Nabila said that the letter is to inform Dinda that Pasya has died. But Dinda does not believe her because she knows that Nabila secretly likes Pasya.

Though she doesn’t buy what Nabila has just told her, she is still worried. She is saddened by the news. Dinda got hit by Atilla’s car and was sent to the hospital by Atilla. Atilla falls in love with Dinda at first sight and pays for her medical expenses, plus the cost of Dinda’s eye surgery so she can see again.

When Atilla is being attacked by his business competitor, Pasya comes to his rescue and gets himself in a critical condition instead .... and this moving story is told by Dinda to her child  she has with Pasya.