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Keburu Jodoh

Monday - Friday, 10.00PM

19 episode


Akbar is surprised to the see the long line of men waiting to propose to Rindu ever since Rindu's grandpa opens a competition for his favourite grandchild. Akbar's grandma is tensed when Jay explains the situation about Rindu's grandpa insisting on finding a man who deserves his grand daughter.

Rindu (25 years old), a teacher at a private high school, is the eldest of 3 siblings. Matroji (53 yrs) and Rohaya (48 years) are the parents. They live in a crowded area at the Betawi village. Apart from being pretty, she is independent and travels by public transportation everywhere she goes. She is hard working. She is ready to do anything for the sake of her family. Her retired father is very ill. What he gets from his pension isn't enough to support the family. Rindu's brother, Razak (23 yrs) works in a factory and his position hasn't been established as yet. Their youngest sister,Emi (19 yrs) is still in college.

Rindu's fate is the same as Akbar (26 yrs). He is a young businessman on the rise. He appears in business magazines and on TV. Although he is economically stable and is the director of his late father's company, he is still single. He had promised his father that he will first look after his siblings and see to it that they settle down first before he gets married. Actually, Fahira (22 yrs) and Arifin (24 yrs) are his step siblings from his father's second marriage to Laura, his step mother.

They never appreciate Akbar. Whatever he does for them, they are never grateful. They then burden him with more problems. Fahira falls in love with Razak, Rindu's brother. This pampered woman who is a designer and has her own boutique is madly in love with Razak. She is willing to kill herself if she doesn't get married to him. Razak actually doesn't want to marry as he is  waiting for Rindu to get married first. He loves Rindu and he knows how much she is doing for the family. Laura is in a turmoil. The only solution is to get Rindu married immediately. And Akbar is sacrificed to marry her inspite of them fighting like cats and dogs during  their first meeting. Akbar is a very stiff sort of person. He gives even the smallest of problems to Jay his assistant.

Meanwhile Rindu is spontaneous and independent. In the beginning they refuse to marry each other. However for the sake of their siblings, Fahira and Razak, they agree. Laura thinks that Rindu is an obedient girl,an innocent village girl who can be moulded. She thinks that she can still be in control of Akbar and the family wealth. But as it turns out, after they get married, they share increasingly sharp disputes. Lily (45 yrs), Laura's sister, is a thorn in the family. She takes advantage of the situation. With the arrival of Oma, Akbar's grandma, Rindu begins to get a place in Akbar's house. But will Akbar and Rindu be able to look after their family?

When will they actually live like a real couple instead of the way they have to pretend? This story revolves around a woman and a man from different worlds, different backgrounds, with opposite characteristics and not realizing the whole time that they are actually meant for each other! This is not your everyday story of a poor girl marrying a rich man. This is a realistic story of a simple girl who marries a rich man not because they are in love. This is a story of how they adjust to each other, influence each other, and how pure love develops after they are married.








Sonya Fatmala, Sandy Syarief,