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Keong Mas


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Keong Mas is an adaptation of a renowned Indonesia folktale.

Pak Dana Kertamarta’s daughters are identical twins but are poles apart in their personalities and temperaments. Chandra is humble, quiet and naïve, while her twin Dewi is sly, arrogant and flirtatious. Dewi makes Chandra’s life a living a hell. She detests sharing a face with Chandra.

Chandra comes upon a golden snail whose colour fills her with wonder. She is mesmerized when this snail transforms into a beautiful princess. Her life changes after finding the snail, for the princess appears to Chandra whenever she needs help.

Circumstances continue to improve for Chandra with the arrival of a handsome boy, Dino. Both Chandra and Dino fall in love with each other. But before they can tell each other how they feel, things go awry. Losing the snail and experiencing problems with Dino, Chandra doesn’t realize the worst is yet to come. For now Dewi, who has been envious of her sister’s relationship, is in possession of the golden snail.

Soon Dewi and Dino fall in love. As their relationship is about to become serious they uncover a terrible truth. Their fathers are bitter enemies who want only to destroy the other.

What will happen between the twins? Will either of them go against their family for their love for Dino? How strong are the bonds of family and love?

Perhaps only the golden snail has the answers...