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Monday to Sunday 8.00 PM

28 episode


Reza is just about to enter the house and is shocked to Bella approach him. He is upset to see her. Unconsciously, his tone is curt as if he didn't expect to see her in his house. Bella is upset. Bella asks him if he likes Kinara. However he asks her to leave. She is shocked and watches him enter the house. She turns away with tears in her eyes.

KINARA (Mikha Tambayong) is a persistent and clever girl. Her father Arif (Dicky Wahyudi), is a gentle and wise man. He is a mechanic and has a workshop in his yard. Kinara is good with machines because she often helps her father at the workshop. She has two bothers Dika (Maxime) and Rangga. And one sister Icha. Dika lives separately from his father and siblings. He owns a business of selling used cars in partnership with a few friends. Dika is rough but soft hearted and he loves Kinara dearly. Rangga's behaviour  on the other hand  is very good. For the sake of her father's happiness, Kinara manages to get accepted in Cahaya Pelita.  It is one of the most prestigious schools. However, on her first day, she gets into a trouble with Bella (Estelle Linden), a pretty girl whose hobby is to go to the salon. She feels Kinara's presence is the school poses a threat to her.

Moreover, Reza (Ajun Perwira), Bella's idol, who is clever and very good at basketball, is in the same class with Kinara. Dika, Kinara's brother, also goes to school there. There is a certain kind of fan following for him because he fails to get promoted to the next class. He doesn't want his friends to know that Kinara is his sister. Sakti ( Aga Dirgantara), Reza's handsome brother, also goes to school at Cahaya Pelita. However he has a leg disability because of an accident. Because of being handicapped, he has developed a nature of being apathy. His relationship with his step mother Delia (Silvana Herman), who is Reza's birth mother, is not one of harmony. Reza's attempt at being the peacemaker between his mother and step brother never succeed. Kinara is the only one  who  succeeds in healing Sakti's ego. Kinara and Sakti become good friends and on the other hand, Dika and Reza are sworn enemies. When Kinara is unable to pay her tuition of Rp.30 million, Sakti secretly pays it. Unfortunately, their friendship doesn't go on smoothly.  Because of being provoked by  Bella, Reza begins to hate Kinara. Kinara tries to find out the reason behind his hatred.

One day, Sakti falls very ill due to the impact of his previous accident and he puts Kirana's name in his will because he loves her dearly. . This makes Delia furious. She has been eyeing his wealth since a very long time. She then persuades Sakti to win Kinara's love so that she can take control of the wealth that he has left for Kinara. Sakti is forced to do as his mother says. But the unexpected happens, and they both really fall in love with one another. Bella dies due to an accident. Her twin sister Belinda (Estelle linden) who has been living abroad with her mother all this while, returns to Indonesia to demand  justice for the death of her twin. She blames Kinara. She is even determined to take Reza away from Kinara.






Aga Dirgantara,