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Putri Cahaya


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Putri Cahaya is a story about honesty, kindness and all good things in the world. But for every Yin there is a Yang. Putri Cahaya is kind and sweet while her sister Putri Hitam is the exact opposite; she is selfish, greedy and wicked. The two fairy sisters were separated at birth. Their father, King Jaya Dewa, raised Putri Cahaya. He taught her kindness and gave her powers to make the world a better place. Putri Hitam was raised by her malevolent mother Ratu Jahat and was taught only greed and wickedness.

Shinta is an average girl who has had a difficult life. The trauma of losing her parents at a young age resulted in Shinta being mute. Following their death, she is continuously mistreated by her stepfamily. She now becomes the center of attention for the fairies when she is picked by Putri Hitam as an instrument to fulfill her evil plans. Putri Hitam wants a magic ball with the power to control the world. To get this ball she needs a pure soul and starts to make plans involving Shinta.

Putri Cahaya becomes aware of her sister’s plans and decides to retaliate by becoming Shinta’s guardian angel. Along with protecting Shinta, she must try to get the magic ball before it falls into the hands of her evil mother and sister.

In the meanwhile a handsome man called Yoga notices Shinta and falls in love with her. Unaware that she cannot speak he tries to get to know her.

What will happen when he finds out that the woman he loves is mute?