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Putri Nabila

Monday - Sunday, 9.30PM

57 episode


Siti and Imelda continue with their plan to open up Siti's baby's grave. After paying off the guard, they are shocked to find the coffin empty. Nabila begs to live with Adit. But he tells her that after staying together for 4 years, he cannot give her more time. He decides to go away from her.

Siti and Nabil's relationship is opposed by Nabil's parents. Nabil wants to marry Siti but he meets with an accident and is in coma. Siti is unaware of this. She thinks that he has broken his promise. She decides to move to another place. She is pregnant. Nabil comes out of his coma after 3 months. He looks for Siti but he can't find her. Nabil is then forced to marry Imelda, the girl of his mother's choice. Nine months later, it is time for Siti to deliver her baby. Imelda too delivers at the same time. Both Siti and Imelda name their babies Nabila Ismail Putri. The name Nabila is taken from their father's name Nabil. Both the women truly love Nabil. Siti calls her daughter Putri. Whereas Imelda calls her daughter Nabila.

18 years later, Nabila is in a medical school. Meanwhile the poor Putri sells ice in Lembang. Fate intervenes and they meet. Putri and Nabila are both surprised to know that they share the same name. They are shocked to know their father's name is exactly the same. However Nabila is relieved when Putri tells her that her father is dead. After their first meeting,they become friends. Putri and Reifan are in love. However, siti forbids Putri from having a relationship with Reifan. She is scared that history may repeat itself. Reifan asks his parents ( who live in Jakarta) permission to marry Putri. The entire family agrees except for Bertha, his grandmother.

Reifan wants to go back to Lembang but he is asked to go by Aditya, his step brother, for rock climbing. That is their hobby. Unfortunately, while rock climbing, Refian meets with an accident and is in a state of coma. Bertha keeps blaming Aditya for this. She is sure that he harmed Reifan on purpose out of jealousy. Putri is worried when Reifan doesn't go back to meet her. She decides to come to Jakarta then. She meets Bertha.  Bertha lies and tells her that Reifan has gone to America to get married to his girlfriend. Putri feels betrayed. In all this, she meets Aditya. Aditya helps her without knowing that she is his step brother's fiancée. Putri too has no idea that he is Reifan's step brother. Aditya begins to fall in love with her. The same happens with Putri. However she suppresses her feelings because she knows that Nabila likes him. Aditya cannot express his feelings to Putri because he owes his life to Nabila. 10 years ago, Nabila had saved his life.

What happens then? Will Putri find out that Nabil is her father? Will she know that Reifan is in the hospital in a state of coma? What will Aditya do when he finds out that Putri, the woman he loves, is actually Reifan's fiancée?









Chicco Jerikho, Dinda Kanyadewi, Lian Firman,