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Raden Kian Santang


835 episode


King Siliwangi ( Ananda George ) is married to Nyai Subang Larang ( Inne Azri ). She comes from a muslim family. Her father is Kiai Tapa of Kerawang. Nyai Subang Larang has been studying religion from childhood at Syeh Hasanuddin's religious boarding house.

King Siliwangi and Nyai Subang Larang have 3 boys,Walang Sungsang ( Ahmad Ridho ), or famously known as  Pangeran Cakra Buana,  Rara Santang ( Rientammy ) and Kian Santang ( Alwi Assegaf ). The 3 boys are brought up by the teachings of Islam and they grow up to be very disciplined Muslims. From birth, Kian Santang has already shown his specialty. He is smart in reading the Al Qur'an, he can predict the future, and he knows what the other person is thinking about. He is very helpful and he is very close to the poor people. nHowever, Nini Durga ( Dwi Putrantiwi) is worried about Kian Santang. She is a follower of the black magic. She is very powerful and has many loyal followers who will do anything she says.

Kian Santang's birth was already predicted by Nini Durga. She knew that he will be the barrier for her. This powerful woman tries to get rid of him in various ways. But she fails every time because Kian Santang is very smart. Besides being able to read minds, he is also very clever. Very often his father King Siliwangi comes to help under disguise. Syeh Hasanuddin, his teacher, teaches him to pray and shares his knowledge with him.

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Teuku Wisnu, Donny Michael, Alwi Yoshida Assegaf, Ridho, Zaky Zimah, Ananda George,