23 episode


Aura, a 16 year old beautiful high school student living in the suburbs , is no ordinary girl. She is a descendant of werewolves and was thus been chosen because she was born on a red full moon day. Neither her friends nor anyone else around her are aware that Aura and her parents are all werewolves.

She has managed to keep this a secret.She leads a very happy comfortable life there. Kevin is her good friend. He had once helped her when she was dying and because of this she feels indebted to him. He loves her but she cant love him back as she only thinks of him as a good friend. Meanwhile Kevin lives in the hope that maybe one day she will love him . Aura feels that even if she were to have a relationship with him it would all be pointless because of what she is.

One day Rama, a 16 year old handsome lad who is also a werewolf, comes to the same school as Aura. His presence makes her uncomfortable and she asks him to leave her territory. She thinks that his being there will only invite other werewolves to come to her area and then everyone else around her will know of her secret. Rama insists on staying on as he has a mission to find out the alien who murdered both his parents.

Chandra, head of the werewolf tribe and Rama's leader, arrives with Arumi, his 16 year old daughter who is a pretty but evil girl.

Chandra asks Rama to return because his parents had paired him up with Arumi.

Rama refuses to leave till he finds out who killed his parents.Chandra then sees Aura. He is shocked to see her red eyes as they are different from other werewolves. He knows she is no ordinary werewolf. Infact he even suspects that her parents are not her biological parents because they both are too plain to have produced such a fine werewolf as Aura. So who are her parents then? They happen to have been Chandra's friends whom he murdered in the past because he didn't want them to give birth to a special werewolf who would be the chosen one destined to lead the werewolf pack.

Aura has no idea whatsoever of this. Will she find out about her real parents?

Arumi goes to the same school as Aura and Rama. She tries to seperate them both. But sooner or later Aura and Rama begin to fall for each other. Not only does this make Arumi furious but Kevin as well.  Kevin hates Rama and tries to hurt him but instead he gets stuck in a cave. Inside that cave lives a vampire who is over a hundred years old.  He bites Kevin and turns him into a vampire.

At first Kevin panics and refuses to accept the changes. But when he finds out that the person he hates most  is a werewolf, he begins to feel comfortable with his condition as vampires are werewolves greatest enemies. No one knows that the vampire who bit him is actually controlled by Chandra and he is the same vampire who killed Rama's parents on Chandra's orders.

As time passes, Kevin all the more wants to finish off Rama so that he cant get closer to Aura. The feud between the two increase and they come to know of each others identities. Rama also comes to know that his parents were killed by a vampire. And this increases his feeling of revenge towards Kevin. 

Aura is stuck. She loves Rama but she doesnt' want Kevin to keep hating him. She has to hide her feelings from the two of them.

So in the end who does Aura choose to be her true love?