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Through a chance meeting, Aril a carefree handsome young man meets the alluring Sherly. They are both attracted to each other, but are soon separated. Eventually, time reunites them. They still feel the same way but both are too proud to tell the other how they feel.

Meanwhile, Sherly’s best friend, Noni a socially awkward girl, asks Sherly to accompany her on a date with a man she met online. At first Sherly refuses saying that the man will be a disappointment like the men before. Noni, however, keeps insisting and eventually Sherly agrees to accompany her. It turns out that the man from the Internet is one of Sherly’s old friends, Ben. Ben is a handsome young man who lacks confidence.

Over time Aril and Sherly become closer but still hide their feelings towards each other. Gradually their love triumphs over their pride and Aril decide to tell Sherly how he feels. Before he is able to do so, he finds out that he has third stage brain cancer and is told by the doctor that he doesn’t have long to live. Because of his condition and his love for Sherly, he decides to become a recluse.

Ben now is vying for Sherly’s attention, while Noni is vying for Ben&rsquo

As Aril’s health continues to deteriorate, his love for Sherly becomes stronger.

Will death part them, or will love help him stay aliveā€¦