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Rama Dan Ramona


41 episode


Rama comes from an affluent family and is a student. He is very pampered by both his parents because they believe that his birth caused them good fortune. Meanwhile, Ramona is the daughter of a widow living a simple life and never giving up on hope to achieve her goals and to go to college with the scholarship she got.

One day Ramona gets very angry when she finds out that her friend has been abused and harmed by Rama. Ramona reports this to the police and Rama gets caught and is put behind bars. This prevents Rama from going to America for further studies. Rama is very vindictive towards Ramona as she has destroyed his dreams. In his own way, he makes Ramona lose her scholarship that she gets angry and wants to take revenge.

Ramona doesn't sit and wait quietly. She takes revenge on Rama until he gets thrown out of college. Rama didn't think that Ramona was this daring. At Ramona's engagement, Rama suddenly appears and claims  to be  her boyfriend and that they have even been sexually intimate with one another. He expresses his disappointment in her as they have been dating for a long time. This confession causes Ramona's mother to have a heart attack and Ramona's fiance breaks the engagement. The enemity between the two of them seems unstoppable. Ramona then wants to take revenge. This revenge between the two of them is very funny and exciting.

Ramona finally meets Rama's father and tells him all that Rama has done to destroy her life. Rama's father sympathizes with her and asks Rama to marry Ramona, Rama cannot get out of this situation and finally marries her.

After they get married, they  admit that their marriage is not of love but of mutual revenge. So how does the marital life of Rama and Ramona go on? Will their hatred change into true love??






Gracia Indri, Aryani Fitriana,