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38 episode


Ranum is a beautiful orphan girl and well , that comes from the lower classes . Unfortunately unlucky fate . Her stepmother , Miranda is often abused . But Ranum remained cheerful and never complained . With his best friend , Adila , Ranum working in a clothes shop in a market . Ranum fell in love with a rich young man named Maliq , which was also very loving . Maliq often praised Samira Ranum in front of his mother , grandmother Halimah , his brother Attar , and his sister Mila . Maliq call Ranum as the daughter of a rich heart . Samira , who judge everything with money , think Ranum really like princess . Pas meet directly , Samira shocked , because apparently only Ranum poor girl who came to his house bajaj . Samira spontaneous prohibit Maliq.Karena for Samira , his mate must sekufu children with their families . Equal .

day should marry Fahrani Attar , instead Fahrani car accident . Fahrani killed . Attar hard hit . Maliq sister , Fadia and her husband , Jody , and then introduce a friend named Paris on Attar . Paris claimed to know exactly the feeling Attar . Understandably , Paris has also recently lost her fiancé . Slowly , Paris Attar so encouraging . Until eventually marry Paris Attar . By accident , Ranum hear conversations about the conspiracy Paris with her ​​sister . Ranum story Maliq he doubted the intention to marry Paris Attar . Maliq pass on the info from this Ranum to his mother . Samira Maliq immediate shock and threaten to break up with Ranum . But circumstances forced to accept even make Samira Ranum as Maliq wife . Paris continues to launch the action . Samira Ranum is essentially the same hate , the more confident Ranum jerk because incitement Paris . Actually , behind Paris , there was Jody who played a major role to make this mess . Jody 's daughter Samira intentionally bringing the family to Paris , in revenge for the humiliation Attar first . Jody married ambitious Fadia , Samira first child , the hope , can get his own company . But , unfortunately , Attar - who leads the firm 's family - laughing . Attar asked him for the hard work first , to prove his ability . This motivates Jody taken land from the family until they broke and homeless .

Paris continues to create conflict between Samira - Ranum . Samira began to feel threatened his life because Ranum . Peak , Samira repel Ranum . Maliq and Halimah opt Ranum . Paris slowly bermanipulasi so Attar and Samira want to give power of attorney to him care of the company . Attar contrived accident seriously injured . Once everything is obtained , Paris showed its true colors . He was kicked out of the house Samira and Mila . Maliq and Ranum finally know . They invite Samira and Mila lived together . Maliq decided to have your revenge and love lesson for Paris and his gang . Goodness or evil will become a winner .






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