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Rindu Milik Rangga


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Rindu, Bebi, and Chiko are three famous siblings who are united and love each other, especially after their mother passed away. Rindu as the eldest daughter automatically took over all her mother’s household chores. Their father, Rendy, is always busy taking care of business. Even so, his love for his children doesn’t diminish.

One day, to celebrate the homecoming of their father from out of town, Rindu bought a cake. On the way, while it rains, Rindu ran into Rangga. A misunderstanding happened. Rindu thought that he offered to rent his umbrella. Rangga was annoyed and believe that Rindu brings bad luck. At home, Rindu and her siblings received a surprise; Rendy brought home a new mother. She is Stella. Stella wasn’t a good mother. What she was after was Rendy’s wealth. So in front of Rendy, Stella pretended to be sweet to her step-children, but behind his back, she tortures Rindu, Bebi, and Chiko.

It happened that Rendy’s business failed. Stella sold Rindu to a couple, Indra and Rosa, who couldn’t have children. Rindu’s womb was borrowed to give birth to a child. Rindu was tortured, especially when Indra tried to rape her. She ran away. Rindu met Rangga and he helped her. Rangga felt sorry and tried to convince his best friend to take in Rindu at his house. Conflicts were just about to happen. Rindu’s kind and polite character made both men to fall in love with her. Unknowingly, Rangga took Rindu to his house. Rindu was shocked to know who Rangga was, that Rangga and Indra are actually brothers!