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Romantika Remaja


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Because of her plain appearance, Bella is not seen as one of the most favourited girls in her school. One day her life suddenly takes a 180 degrees turn after she caught Kevin in the act dating three girls at one time at the same cafe as well! Kevin is the school’s basketball team captain. He’s rich and good looking. Those three girls apparently know one another: Morin, Katrin, and Priska. Once they found out about Kevin’s player trait, they got so upset that they made a plan to get back at Kevin.

Bella is magically turned into one beautiful girl to make Kevin fall in love with her then break his heart once he’s fallen. But instead, Kevin wholeheartedly falls in love with Bella. When he was on the way to see Bella for their anniversary, Kevin crashed into a car till it fell off from the cliff. The man who fell off the cliff was Bella’s father. Kevin was too scared to tell Bella the truth. To make it up to Bella, he proposed to Bella and they’re engaged. Not only that, Kevin also helps Bella’s family’s financial crisis.

But after a while, Bella finally found out about the car crash that night. She broke off the engagement with Kevin. He was so broken-hearted that he moved away to the outskirt to be alone. During his isolation, he wrote his feelings for Bella down. Bearing his broken heart, Kevin became a famous singer-song writer. Kevin didn’t know that while he’s writing all his sad love songs and sing them, Bella is on the other side feeling hurt too.

In order to make Bella forget her sad past, her mother sets her up with another man for another engagement. But when Bella finally gets to hear Kevin’s songs which sing about his past relationship with Bella, she realizes how much Kevin loves her deeply. She went to look for Kevin. He was so happy when he saw Bella. He’s asked her never to leave his side ever again. Together until the end of time.