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Senggol - Senggol Asmara

Monday - Friday, 9.00PM

18 episode


Arya and Murni are brought to the village hall. They are asked to get married immediately. Ratri is informed by her man that Arya and Murni are in the village hall. She goes there with Fanny and Keysha. When Arya returns to the hotel, he is shocked to see the news on TV of Rasyid's death in a plane accident.

Ira (Marina Sans) is a simple girl with a melodious voice. She is the daughter of Yunus(Egi Fedly). Mr Rasyid (Piet Pagau) is a good friend of her grandfather and Ira and her father have been staying at his pavilion ever since Ira's dad got bankrupt. She feels indebted to Rasyid and she looks after him and treats him like her own grandpa. Rasyid and his two grandchildren, Adinda ( Kesha Ratuliu)  and Arya ( Teuku Wisnu ) also consider Ira as part of their family. Arya and Ira are brought up together and their friendship develops into love. Unfortunately, their love is not approved by Arya's mother,  Ratri ( Emma Waroka )

Ratri feels that Ira doesn't deserve to be her daughter in law and she prefers Keysha ( Karina Nabila ), a city girl, to be Arya's wife. Ratri is unaware that Keysha and her mother  Fanny ( Ranty Permatasari), are only interested in the wealth. They try to poison her mind so that she hates Ira and in that way, Arya and Ira get all the more distant. Ratri is not the only one to come in between  Ira and Arya's love. Jacky ( Reza Pahlevi )

is the village thug and he considers Ira to be a source of money because of her golden voice.

By taking advantage of Ira's father's bad habit of getting drunk, he makes the father pair him up with Ira. She manages to escape from this marriage but her struggle to become one with Arya doesn't end there. Finally in the end Ira is faced with two choices. Her love for Arya or her love of becoming a singer where she will have to sacrifice her love for Arya.






Teuku Wisnu, Kesha Ratuliu,