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Sepatu Super

Monday to Sunday 7.00 PM

67 episode


Reyhan and Ramadhan arrive at a secluded place. They are drenched because of the rain. At that moment, Reyhan sees something not far from there. It turns out to be a motor bike used by Willam and Romlah and was lying on the corner of the road. They are shocked because William and Romlah aren't there and have disappeared.  Reyhan and Ramadhan are also surprised to see Romlah hanging on the edge of the abyss. Ramadhan wants to help her and he stretches out his hand so she can grab it. Meanwhile, Dede is filled with joy as he manages to escape from Romlah with the super shoes.  But suddenly, the super shoes which are in a sack want to get away. Dede is surprised and tries to stop them.

Reyhan (Rey Bon) and Ramadhan (Audric) are 2 orphaned bothers who are very fond of one another. They live in Haji Makmur street in a simple home with their grandmother Halimah (Yati Surachman). She is a very kind hearted, helpful and patient woman. Their aunt Romlah (Nafa Urbach) also lives with them. She is single, cruel and materialistic

The boys own a pair of torn shoes. Reyhan's shoe is torn on the left side, Ramadhan's on the right. They ask their grandma to but them new basketball shoes. However, Romlah shouts at them. While going to the cobbler to repair their torn shoes, Michael and Jordan, their enemies, play a trick on them. They take the shoes which are wrapped in a plastic bag and throw them into a passing garbage truck

Reyhan and Ramadhan chase the truck and arrive at a place where all the garbage is disposed off. However, not only do they find their shoes, but they also come across a pair of new shoes. They don't want to take it as it is not theirs. But unexpectedly,the shoes follow them as if forcing them to wear it.

Thus begins Reyhan and Ramadhan's exciting adventure. It turns out that the shoes they found aren't just ordinary shoes. The shoes help them in running really fast, jumping really high and they can even walk on walls just like spiderman! Michael and Jordan are Mat Daemon's sons. They are very upset because at first they are the stars of their basketball team. However, since Reyhan and Ramadhan have the magical shoes, they become the stars. Michael and Jordan try to steal those shoes but they are never successful. Meanwhile, Dewa, a conglomerate's son, is also after the shoes. Reyhan and Ramadhan's problems increase. Apart from using the shoes for a good cause and helping others, they also have to avoid Dewa's men who even use violent means to get the shoes.






Sonya Fatmala, Audric Ardian Pratama, Chantiq Schagerl,