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12 episode


It had always been Seruni’s ambition to become a famous singer. Unfortunately this dream of hers never came true. Seruni and her mother were treated unfairly by her aunt and uncle. This made Seruni bury all her desires. Karta, rich and feared by many, continuously tries to get close to Seruni and wants her to become his third wife. Karta’s wishes were supported by Seruni’s aunt and uncle as they were promised money if the marriage were to take place.

Karta’s intentions are hindered by the arrival of Dinar to the village. This young producer from Jakarta enchants Seruni by his softness and caring nature. Sadly, he is unable to help Seruni escape from the village and Karta succeeds in gaining Seruni by force. But Seruni doesn't give up. She finally manages to escape to Jakarta.

After struggling to survive in Jakarta, Seruni meets Danar again. Apparently he had been looking for her too all this while. Danar and Seruni are happy to be in love with each other. But obstacles soon arise. Danar’s family is against this relationship as he has already been paired with Ratu, his childhood friend. Danar is forced to marry Ratu and leave Seruni.

After this, Seruni doesn't believe in love anymore. Not even when Ariel, a producer who is Danar’s competitor, declares his love for her and she refuses. Danar knows about this and he gets very jealous. His love for Seruni had never died. Danar is all the more sure that he has to get her back after being cheated by Ratu. She married him only to take his family’s wealth.

Seruni fights for love and also for her dreams of becoming a singer.