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Monday to Sunday 5.00 PM

40 episode


Seven years old Alif (Keiko Warman) is a nice, sweet, cute, brave and clever boy studying in an elite school. His father Syukur ( Bemby Putuanda)  is a poor laborer. Alif is able to go to school because he got a sponsorship. Alif wears old ugly shoes to school because he can't afford new ones. He also reaches school late because his father drops him off using his old bike. But Alif doesn't lose hope! He is enthusiastic about his studies. His father encourages him to become clever

One of Alif's class mate is Aray ( Adam Farrel), a rich boy who is jealous of Alif for being smarter than him. Aray and his friends Baim (Panglima Bintang), DODO (Ilham Januar), KEMAL (Aria Abduh) and SAMSON (Naufal Akada) always trouble Alif. But Alif has Lala ( Popoy) and Salwa ( Gaxel Anyndra) there for him to help him out whenever he needs help.

One night, Syukur finds a green ball with antennas from the trash when he was looking for shoes for Alif. He doesn't see a UFO coming out from the trash  flying towards the sky. When he reaches home, he gives the ball to Alif. Alif is so happy to receive a new toy. One night the ball changes to a 4 legged alien. It turns out to be an alien from outer space named Momo. The ball changes its shape when Syukur is asleep so he doesn't know about this. Alif is shocked and scared to see the transformation. But after getting to know Momo, Alif isn't scared anymore. They become friends. It turns out that Momo can do a lot of things. For instance, he can fix all the broken objects in Alif's house.

>Does Momo's presence change Alif's life? Watch this exciting adventure of Alif and Momo in the serial Si Alif






Keiko Warman,