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Si Miskin dan Si Kaya

Monday - Friday, 9.00PM

62 episode


A portrait of Jakarta with 2 sides of life or social strata, that of simplicity or Poverty and that of hedonism or wealth.Rozak and Saroh lead a simple and religious life. Even though they are poor, they are not stingy. Whenever they have a visitor, they always give the person whatever he or she wants to eat or drink even though it may be expensive. Rozak has four children. Rohman, who works as an office boy at Reno's office. Reno is Tanti's son. Tanti is a very wealthy woman but she is unhappy because of the hedonistic attitude of her family. Rohim works as a security guard known for his honest nature. Aisyah, the tomboy, works as a parking attendant. She is diligent at work and in praying. Fatimah has just graduated from high school. Rozak has just got fired from his job and he accepts this gracefully. Rohman too suddenly gets fired. Meanwhile, Aisyah, who works unofficially, is disturbed by the goons in charge of that parking area. Fortunately, Aisyah is not a whiny kind of girl. She is not afraid of the goons.

Aisyah is liked by Naryo who works as a roadside singer in that parking lot. He sings with Galang. One day, Aisyah is filled with doubt when she sees someone in Tanti s family who looks just like Galang. The second family is a wealthy one led by Tanti. She is unhappy and lonely and wants to end her life.  Her one meeting with Aisyah and her family  changes her outlook towards life. They change her perspective in looking at life differently. Thus begins the story that brings a poor family to a rich one filled with humor and religion shown by Aisyah. An uproar arises simultaneously between the 2 families when Tanti gives away her inheritance. The inheritance which her family have wanted since a long time.






Randy Pangalila, Amanda,