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Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe!


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Dian is the cherished daughter of the owners of "Bakmi Ceria". She is a simple, down to earth girl always smiling even when faced with problems. Dian believes that she is in love with Vino, a senior in her college. Unfortunately for her, Vino does not share her feelings. Having no other choice but to move on, Dian finds it hard to sustain her relationships with other men, resulting in all of them ending as soon as they reach the 3-month mark. Deep down though Dian has still not given up on Vino.  It is only when she meets Ferry, a famous singer and Vino's brother, that her love for Vino starts decreasing.

On the same day that Ferry launches his latest album, his girlfriend Cella dumps him for his brother Vino and at the same time Dian gets dumped by her boyfriend Sony. As Ferry is being chased by the paparazzi, he bumps into an equally heartbroken Dian. As they bump, their lips touch and the paparazzi gets this shot and runs it in all the tabloids.

This shot of their apparent kiss causes a lot of problems for both Dian and Ferry. It is Johan, Ferry's manager, who sees the opportunity. He announces to the press that Ferry was never with Cella but instead has been engaged to Dian for the past year and plans to marry soon. This announcement is not well received by Ferry's largely female fans who take out their anger on poor Dian.

What will happen next? Will Ferry's career suffer? Will Ferry and Vino's relationship ever improve? Will Cella and Vino's relationship survive or will Vino start falling for Dian.

Will it be too late? Will Dian finally realize that she is actually in love with Ferry?






Randy Pangalila, Donita,