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Surga Untukmu


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Kyai Hasan Al Habysi 's family anxiously await Fahmi's return to his homeland. Besides the fact that Fahmi is the only child in the family, he is also their pride because he succeeded in getting a scholarship to Cairo. It is their hope that he could continue with the Al Muarofah school of Koranic studies which is led by his father.

On his journey back home, Fahmi meets Halimah, a widow with three children, being thrown out of the house she had rented. She was also chased by the moneylenders as she had not settled her debts. Fahmi helps her and brings her along with her children to his house. An uproar arises in the Kyai Hasan household over this. Kyai Hasan orders Fahmi to return Halimah to  her house but he refuses because he wants to help her stay at their boarding school.

The moneylender is angry and finally makes the whole village furious at Halimah and Fahmi by being slanderous. Halimah feels cornered, her life has been full of indignity and suffering. Seeing this, Fahmi finally decides to marry her so that she and her children can live a life of respect and security. Obviously, Kyai Hasan doesn't approve of this decision. He has already arranged for Fahmi to get married to Ranun, daughter of Kyai Syaripudin, a friend of Kyai Hasan and also the owner of the boarding school.

But Fahmi is adamant.  According to him, marrying Halimah is the right thing to do and he has faith in his prophet's teachings. In time, the pity and compassion that he feels towards Halimah changes into love. He finally refuses to marry Ranun because he has fallen in love with Halimah. Ranun,who is in love with Fahmi, is very disappointed and she falls sick. Kyai Syaripudin, her father, blames Kyai Hassan for this.

What will happen with Fahmi and Halimah's marriage? Will Kyai Hassan accept Fahmi's decision?

This touching family drama, "Surga Untukmu", can be watched in Indosiar.