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Monday to Sunday, 10.00 PM

7 episode


Mulyana finally tells everyone the truth about all this being a lie. He was paid by Mamat and Wawan to destroy Elang. Elang meets Evita and she tells him about their father who is undergoing treatment in a hospital.Elang is shocked to hear about his father being sick. He bids farewell to everyone. Mamat organizes a wedding party for Euis and Wawan as Euis has lost all hope after Elang's departure. However, the wedding party was a mess and it was called of. Accidentally, Elang disrupts the building of the discotheque of his father with help from the residents and the students. Suddenly Nuhuwatu Village experiences a severe earthquake. What will happen to the fate of this village? Will Elang succeed in changing this village to become peaceful ?

Elang (Andrew Andika) is a city boy living in a grand house with his parents. His father, Setiawan, has had a bad past. He lost his first son whom he considered his lucky charm leading him to hate Allah. And what Setiawan experiences, the same happens in the village Nuhunwatu where they are stricken by a famine. The people are impatient and they feel Allah isn't doing anything to help them. In the end they feel they don't need Allah  for anything at all. Even till the present day, they continue committing sinful acts. An Ustadz named Bukhori (Zainal Abidin Domba) feels very sad with this situation in this village. He hopes someone comes and changes the situation.

Elang gets involved in a fight with his father. Setiawan doesn't like any religious act that Elang does for him such as paying for his trip to go the holy land, converting the pavilion into a mosque etc. Setiawan, frustrated with fighting with his son, asks him to leave. Elang meets Hanifah when she gets hit by a car. He helps her go back home to her village and with Allah's grace, they arrive safely at the village. Elang finds the village to be a very sad one because all the villagers don't believe in Allah. They commit sin until  the mercy and blessings of Allah is not found in the village. The only mosque in the village is in a bad state as no one visits it anymore.

Elang fixes it. He cleans it up. And he hopes that one day this mosque will be filled by the people of NahunWatu.

Elang then meets with Ustadz Bukhori, Wati  (Demmy Febriana), Euis (Ririn Dwi Ariyanti), Mamat and Wawan (Sarpin the landlord's son). Sarpin has lent a lot of money to Mamat (Herdin Hidayat). Mamat is unable to pay his debts and so offers his daughter Euis to marry Wawan (Ricky Djauhari). But when Euis meets Elang, she begins to fall in love with him and refuses to marry Wawan. Mamat is furious at this. He tries hard to send Elang away from the village so that Euis marries Wawan but all his efforts dont go smoothly. There are always obstacles in the way. Even in the love story between Euis and Elang. It doesn't run smoothly and a few times Euis tries to commit suicide in front of her father. Mamat asks Elang to choose between religion or Euis.

Elang is forced to choose religion as that was his main aim for the village. He teaches the children to pray and  to recognize the islam religion. Euis is sad but she is strong and she is tested once again when suddenly a scandal is created by Mamat and Wawan. They accuse Elang and Wati of committing sinful acts inside a hut on a rainy day. Whereas, Elang and Wati were just taking shelter there and they did nothing else. Elang and Wati are almost punished when fortunately thanks to Alla's blessings, the truth gets revealed and they are found to be innocent. And once again, Euis's love story is filled with sadness when she sees Elang leave the village with her sibling. Euis thinks that Elang will never come back but he does return after visiting his sick father. Setiawan is in the hospital due to his uncontrollable emotions which causes him to have a heart problem. Meanwhile, Evita adds to his heart ache because she challenges his plans of building a hotel and a disco near Nuhunwatu. Setiawan captures Evita but she escapes with help from his wife. Setiawan is furious at his wife. He and Sarpin are harsh with anyone who tries to oppose them including Elang. Elang never expected his father would add more sin to this village by building a hotel and a disco. Elang, Bukhori, Euis, Kokom, Wati and few others call for kindness from the villagers. After Elang gets a lot of followers, he manages to get the mosque full of people. But they are not calm because disturbances are always there. Sarpin's men want to break down the mosque. When Sarpin's men and the others are going to take action, suddenly an earthquake with tsunami potential hits the village. A tsunami strikes the village taking with it all the sinful villagers including Setiawan. All the people who follow Elang and Ustadz Bukhori survive. After the Tsunami, Nuhunwatu is reborn. It is very quiet and only the voice of children and adults praying are heard from the mosque. Everyone is there and Wati returns with her favourite pet. Inspite of the pain, those who are close to Allah will always be happy.