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Takdir Cinta


9 episode


Puspa dies while giving birth to Ceria. Safira (Puspa’s step mother) who knows of this, very slyly, exchanges the newly born Ceria with a dead baby. Safira does this on purpose because she doesn’t want Ceria, who is the direct descendant of Danu, to get his wealth. Danu is unaware of this and is very sad to have lost his child as well as grandchild.

No one could have imagined that the grandchild Danu thought had died, was in fact very much alive and had grown up to be very pretty. Ceria lives with Sri, a member of the organization of the night market. Under Sri’s guidance, Ceria grows up to be a very kind hearted and simple girl. Sri, who is indebted to Rama, is forced to agree to the marriage between Ceria and the leader of the organization. But Ceria doesn’t like Rama. She actually likes Alfin, a young guy she met at the market. Alfin doesn’t want to lose Ceria and asks her to run away with him. But Rama comes to know of this and tries to stop it. He locks her up so that she’s unable to meet Alfin. Alfin is so disappointed. He thinks that Ceria doesn’t really love him. Ever since that night, Alfin disappears and never meets Ceria again.

One day, Ceria drops by Safira’s house to hand out a brochure of the night market. Safira, who has all this while been enjoying Danu’s wealth, never thought that she will meet Ceria who is all grown up now. Safira is in fear. She tries her best to not let Danu see Ceria because she resembles Puspa. But without any warning, Ceria also meets Alfian, Alfin’s twin. Alfin and Alfian are Safira’s children. But Ceria doesn’t know that they are twins and have all this time been living separately as a result of Safira’s divorce with her ex husband. Ceria innocently gets close to Alfian and apologizes for not keeping up with their promise.

Safira panics all the more when she knows that Ceria is getting close to Alfian. She tries to put a distance between Ceria and their home town. She also warns Alfian to not get too close to Ceria. On the other hand,  Rama forces Ceria to marry him. Ceria is caught in the middle of this triangle. To choose her true love or to marry Rama for the sake of paying him back. When a decision has been made, out comes a new surprise about Alfin and Alfian! Also their true identity!!






Ririn Dwi Ariyanti,