Tayang pukul 18.00 WIB

20 episode


FAUZI comes from a rich family but he chooses to work as ‎a plant researcher and doesn't think about his family wealth. 

‎He is married to Lisna but has an affair with Rianti who is also a researcher.

When Rianti gets pregnant, he decides to divorce Lisna and marry Rianti and they live happily in a remote forest.

The days go by. It is time for Rianti to give birth. On the way to the hospital, the car they are in gets stopped by people from Adidaya pharmacy, a company that has been targeting Fauzi. There is an accident and Rianti gets separated from Fauzi.

Rianti falls in the river and without realising delivers the baby under water. She then gets taken away on Lisna's orders.

Rianti and Fauzi's daughter is stranded in an uninhabited island surrounded by monkeys and wild animals.

17 years go by. Fathiyah grows up to be a ‎vivacious and cheerful girl and she loves animals. When looking for food with her friends,the  3 monkeys, she accidentally meets a tall and mad behaving human MADMAN. He falls in love with her at first sight. 

There is chaos in the forest when a group of people try to capture her. There she meets 2 siblings,ERFAN and REVI , ‎working together.

Fathiyah accidentally is in their car and heads back to Jakarta. She lives in the same house as Revi and Erfan. At first, Erfan doesn't like her presence there because she disturbs him and is noisy and she can't do anything.  Revi is the naughtier sibling and he gets along well with Fathiyah. He even teaches her a lot of things. 

Their neighbour happens to be Lisna and her 2 adopted children, CARLA and CARLO , ‎who are in their teens. 

Carla has a huge crush on Erfan ‎and she immediately hates Fathiyah at first sight. Carla and Carlo team up to play tricks on Fathiyah but in the end they are the ones to end up with bad luck. 

One day, as Fathiyah runs from being chased by the two siblings, she hides in Adidaya pharmacy. She meets Fauzi there . It turns out he is alive and is being kept hidden there.

What happens next in Fathiyah's adventure? Do Fauzi and her re unite? What happens to Rianti?