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Rafky, Kevin and Rhena were the best of friends. This changes when Rafky and Kevin both fall in love with Rheny. Rafky decides to back out because he is in debt to Kevin's family. Kevin's father adopted Rafky when his father passed away. Rafky is unaware that Rhena is pregnant with his child. Kevin is shocked when he finds out that Rhena is pregnant and Rafky leaves. Kevin promises to marry her. Kevin's mother objects to this and accuses Rhena of intentionally deceiving him. Rheny is offended and leaves Bandung to come to Jakarta.

As it turns out, Rafky is in jakarta and becomes a taxi driver. One day whilst on duty, Rafky finds a baby in his car. He frantically tries to find out whose baby this is. He finally decides to leave the baby in a mosque. Haji Leman advises him to look after the baby. "This is a gift from Allah" he says. Rafky then decides to keep the baby and names him 'Taxi'

Who is the mother of the baby? None other than Rhena. Due to her negligence, the baby gets left behind in a taxi. She gets hit by a car and searches frantically for her baby. Kevin gets informed by the hospital and he rushes to meet her. But Rhena runs away in a state of panic to look for her child.

Rafky continues to give the best to Taxi. Ajeng, his neighbour, who has been in love with Rafky, helps. This makes Jefry, a goon in their neighbourhood, jealous. Rafky, Kevin and Rhena finally meet up again. A misunderstanding arises between them. Rafky thinks that Kevin and Rhena are married. Broken hearted, he decides to forget her and marries Ajeng. When wanting to get married, Rafky is shocked to know that Taxi is his and Rhena's son. And that she and Kevin aren't married. What should Rafky do? Go back to Rhena for the sake of his love and Taxi or marry Ajeng and let Kevin marry Rhena and let them become Taxi's parents?






Chicco Jerikho, Marcel Chandrawinata, Caroline,