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Taxi Season 2


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Rhena marries Rafky on the same day Kevin marries Siska. The day after the wedding, Rafky has an accident when a building falls apart. Rhena tries to save him. He survives but she is in a coma. Throughout her comatose stage, she dreams that Rafky is forced to marry Ajeng for the sake of looking after Taxi. In her dream, she sees that Rafky is actually Gunawan and Nadin's son. When she comes out of coma, she talks of her dream but nobody believes her.

One by one, all her dreams become a reality. Rafky begins to believe her when she has a dream about Taxi being kidnapped by Kevin because it  actually happens. Taxi disappears. Actually this is all part of Rosa and Siska's plan to destroy Rafky. The two of them are afraid that Gunawan's wealth will all go to Rafky. They trap Kevin making him look like the culprit.

This causes Kevin's leg injury and he feels resentment towards Rafky. Moreover, Siska continues to blame Rafky for this tragedy. Kevin's revengful feeling increases.

Rafky and Rhena manage to find Taxi. Rafky thinks that this is all Kevin's doing and that he must have hired someone to kidnap Taxi.

Actually, when the kidnapping happens, Jefri, whilst trying to help Kevin, sees Rosa in a veil taking Taxi. He knows that Kevin tries to save Taxi. But being the key witness, Jefri gets a serious injury. He loses his short term memory which causes him to behave weird and funny. Sometimes he acts normal and is able to remember something, other times he forgets who he is.

Jefri's unstable condition makes Kevin fail to prove his innocence. Gunawan's attitude becomes cynical and he doesn't believe Kevin. Siska continues to instigate Nadin by telling her that Rhena and Rafky are the cause of all this. Kevin is aware of Siska's cunning plan but he is powerless because he is afraid that she will reveal to Gunawan and Nadin that he is not their real son.

Rafky and Rhena continue to try finding out about the veiled woman who kidnapped Taxi. But Siska and Rosa are far too sly. Rafky-Rhena's struggle in protecting Taxi and in finding out the truth about the kidnapper can all be watched in Taxi season 2 on Indosiar!






Nana Mirdad,