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Tendangan Si Madun Returns


51 episode


Madun (Yusuf Mahardika) is a 12 year old boy who lives with his mother Mrs Marni (Elma Theana). He works in a football field as a cleaner belonging to Mr Darmawan (Chairul Yusuf) and Mrs Shinta (Tessa Kaunang)

One day, Darmawan and Shinta want to take over an orphanage house and they intentionally go there and ask them back for the loan the orphanage had borrowed.
Their attempts fail and so they decide to hold a football match between Darmawan's team along with his son Juki (Richard Ivander) against the team from the orphanage.

During the match, the orphanage teams almost loses. Madun is unable to accept this as he doesn't want the orphanage to be taken away by Darmawan. He secretly disguises himself in a mask and helps the team win.

Darmawan can't accept defeat and secretly makes a deal with Jebret ( Bemby Putuanda) to have a rematch saying that if his team loses he will not take over the orphanage and instead he will improve the facilities of the orphanage.

Jebret is tempted and agrees to this without consulting the head of the orphanage. He hopes that the team will get help from the masked player aka Madun.

Unexpectedly, Marni ( aware that Madun is close to the orphanage) is worried. She is afraid her secret of Madun not being her biological son gets revealed.

She then asks Madun to promise her that he will not have anything to do with the orphanage again and not play football. Madun cannot see his mother sad and so he agrees to this although he is confused and sad that if he doesn't play , what will happen to the fate of the orphanage?
With a heavy heart he turns down Dodo and friends' offer of playing in the match. 

In that confusion, he meets an old man who teaches him the technique of playing ball. He also then comes to know that this old man is looking for his grandson who was taken away by the rival football team. Little did the old man know that his missing grandson is Madun!
Meanwhile, Team Juki and Darmala do not want to lose again to the orphanage and they hire a coach named David who turns out to be the enemy of the old man's son ( Madun's father)
Coach David used to always lose to Madun's father and so he wanted revenge. He hurts Madun's father till he is paralysed, kidnaps Madun and leaves him at the orphanage.

When David comes to know that Madun is the son of his sworn enemy, he comes up with a plan to harm Madun.

What happens to the fate of Madun then? Does he get injured? Does the secret get revealed about Who Madun is? Can he help the orphanage team? All the answers will be found on "Tendangan si Madun Returns" only on MNC TV. Keep Watching!